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"Life is Beautiful’s culinary lineup may bring some weird fusions (what’s really in a sushi burrito, anyways?), but if  Southern-fried indie rock with pinches of blues, folk and soul please your palate, you’ll want to catch o wildly. The quartet’s 2016 debut EP, Sunrise, showcased its ability to transcend the confines of indie, pop punk and good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll by blending the tasteful elements of each into a satisfying pulp. Listen to the spicy distorted leads of “The Battle of Yoko Ono” or the climactic instrumental bridge of “17 Hours” for a satisfying taste. Now, the band is seeking to expand its sound. O Wildly’s latest single, “Road” features singer/guitarist Adam Christopher Smith showing off his singer/songwriter Americana influence with twangy vocals and wailing guitar leads. “Hey! Don’t take your eyes of the road,” he sings. We hope the band’s road to the festival is a smooth one."

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Las Vegas Weekly 

"There aren’t many active local bands that can say they’ve worked with the same producer as The Killers’ Mark Stoermer (David Hopkins). The alt-rockers of O Wildly recently finished up a National Southwestern Recording session with Hopkins that yielded three new songs: “Run From Me,” “We All Hope,” and “You’re Not Around.” “He brought a little more of a psychedelic vibe, which helped to expand our sound,” frontman Adam Smith says. He adds that O Wildly will further explore that new direction in 2018, with plans to tour and record more later in the year."

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